Expand Your Emergency Medicine Career With Locum Work

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How can I explore different areas of emergency medicine?

Expand Your Emergency Medicine Career With Locum Work

A general emergency medicine physician working in an emergency department is the first line of defense against any crisis that comes in the door, from car accidents to heart attacks. Any emergency medicine job requires a cool head in a crisis and the ability to evaluate and stabilize patients immediately to prevent death or additional injury.

If you are interested in focusing your emergency medicine career on a specific area of medicine that appeals to you, an emergency medicine locum tenens job is an ideal way to explore alternate specialty areas.

The American Association of Medical Colleges recognizes the following subspecialties of emergency medicine in which you can become certified after additional training:

  • Hospice and Palliative Medicine: Relieving pain and suffering in patients at the end of life
  • Medical Toxicology: Caring for patients who have suffered accidental or deliberate poisoning
  • Pediatric Emergency Medicine: Managing medical emergencies in infants and children
  • Sports Medicine: Managing and preventing injuries sustained during sports, such as fractures and concussion
  • Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine: Treating patients with decompression illness caused by underwater accidents or treating other problems related to diving accidents



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