Radiologists Reap Salary Rewards

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What are some different radiology specialties?

Radiologists Reap Salary Rewards

When it comes to assessing physician salary by specialty, radiologists are among the highest paid. The average annual salary for a radiologist ranges from approximately $380,000 to $600,000, according to the 2008 Physician Compensation Survey.

Both general radiology and radiology subspecialties involve using different types of imaging to diagnose and manage illness.

Subspecialty areas in radiology include:

  • Radiation Oncology: Many radiation oncologist positions involve the use of radiation for therapy or to study and monitor tumors and other diseases in cancer patients.
  • Interventional Radiology: An interventional radiologist uses fluoroscopes, ultrasound machines, and computed tomography to guide the placement of wires, catheters or stents. This specialized radiology job also may include obtaining biopsies and draining fluids.

If you want to explore a different area of radiology or improve skills you don't use much in your current position, a radiology locum tenens job offers the opportunity to enhance your career with a short-term position in a different clinical setting.



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