Locum Tenens Offers Alternative To Full-Time Work

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What are the benefits of part-time work for specialty physicians?

Locum Tenens Offers Alternative To Full-Time Work

Depending on where you are in your medical career, you may be interested in alternative physician jobs with fewer hours and responsibilities than a full-time practice. Locum tenens work is an ideal option for any physician specialty, because there are opportunities to suit any criteria related to type of work, hours, and location. Specialized physicians or those in general practice often consider part-time work as a way to ease into retirement, because they aren't ready to retire full-time for economic reasons, or because they continue to enjoy treating patients but they no longer want the stress of full-time employment.

You can find locum tenens work wherever you currently practice full-time. Or perhaps you spend part of the year in a different location and would like to work part-time there? A specialized physician staffing agency can identify pre-screened job opportunities in your specialty that meet your criteria for work hours and salary.



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