Are You Paid What You Deserve?

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How can I compare my physician salary to others in my specialty?

Are You Paid What You Deserve?

It's important to keep track of the latest information on physician income by specialty so you can feel confident that your salary is in line with other specialty physicians in your field.

If you are wondering how your salary at your current physician job stacks up, try any (or all) of these four ways to assess your income:

  • Agencies: A specialized physician staffing agency can give you an idea of what salaries are available for other jobs similar to yours, and you may find an opening that inspires you to switch jobs.
  • Organizations: Professional organizations often keep track of the average salaries for their physician specialties.
  • Network contacts: If you have a good relationship with hiring managers at other hospitals or medical facilities, you could ask them approximately what salaries they offer to someone with your level of experience. They may not be able to say exactly, but they might give you an estimate.
  • Online calculators: Online salary calculators are available at various websites, but they don't take into account the intangibles, such as physician satisfaction by specialty, so they should be used as a starting point for additional research.



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