Make The Most Of A Mentor In Your Specialty

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What are the benefits of having a mentor in my physician specialty?

Make The Most Of A Mentor In Your Specialty

Cultivating a mentor relationship can be an important part of physician satisfaction by specialty. The early years of a medical career can be stressful, regardless of your physician specialty. A professional mentor can help by sharing tips for how to reduce and manage stress, whether your specialty is a fast-paced emergency medicine physician job, or a more predictable internal medicine physician job.

The benefits of a medical mentor include:

  • A role model: Seek out someone whose career you admire and hope to emulate. Ask him or her for advice on what skills you should develop to excel in a particular specialty.
  • An advocate: A mentor can wave your flag when opportunities for promotion or openings in the physician specialty you hope to pursue become available.
  • A listener: Even if your mentor is not in a position to get you your next job, being able to talk to an experienced specialized physician can be valuable.


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