Make Physician Specialization Family Friendly

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How can I find a family friendly job in my physician specialty?

Make Physician Specialization Family Friendly

Often when physicians are parents of young children, they want to keep a foothold in their physician specialty, but they want to work part-time. Dedicated doctors – don't despair. Even the highest paid medical specialties have options for job flexibility if you know where to look.

A locum tenens position is a great option for making physician specialization family-friendly. Working part-time allows you to keep your professional skills sharp and enjoy more time as a parent.

A specialty medical staffing agency can help you identify locum tenens or other part-time opportunities for specialized physicians.

Similarly, you may be interested in a locum tenens position if you or a family member has a health issue that prevents you from working full-time. Talk to a physician staffing consultant who knows about physician compensation by specialty, and who knows the employers in your area. He or she can locate jobs that meet your criteria for location, hours and salary.



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