Spice Up Your Family Medicine Job

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How can a locum help me stay active in my family physician job?

Spice Up Your Family Medicine Job

Family medicine physicians are generalists. They see everyone, with every condition, who walks or hobbles through the door—from soccer kids with sprained ankles to the octogenarian with an arthritic hip. But some family physician jobs focus on one particular area, such as adolescent medicine or sports medicine. If you are considering a specialty or if you just want a change of scene, a family practice locum tenens job offers the opportunity to work in a different clinical setting with a different population. Even if you don't go out of town, this short-term work will give you a fresh perspective on your full-time family physician job. And you may learn new clinical or practice management techniques that you can apply to your full-time practice when your locum tenens work is finished.

A locum tenens job helps many physicians stay active in their medical careers by allowing them to learn new techniques or review little-used skills.

If you are considering a specialty such as adolescent medicine or geriatrics, try a short-term position in a clinic or hospital where you will have the opportunity to treat patients in your area of interest.



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