Locum Tenens Buffs Season-Specific Emergency Medicine Skills

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How can a locum tenens help me stay active in my EM physician job?

Locum Tenens Buffs Season-Specific Emergency Medicine Skills

Emergency medicine jobs, or EM physician jobs, are by nature diverse—you never know what emergency is going to come in the door. But if you live in certain areas, there are some emergencies that you aren't likely to see. For example, if your EM physician job is in Florida, you aren't likely to see patients with frostbite or hypothermia. But a seasonal EM locum tenens position offers a chance to stay active in your specialty by treating different types of emergencies. And of course you can plan a seasonal EM locum in Colorado to correspond with a ski vacation.

Treating different types of emergency conditions helps keep you actively engaged in your profession. Not only will you learn new skills or refresh underused ones, but you can share your clinical pearls with colleagues. Talk to a specialized physician staffing agency about how to find a seasonal emergency position that will enhance your career.



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