Network Know-How Helps You Stay Active In Medicine

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How can I find physician executive positions?

Network Know-How Helps You Stay Active In Medicine

Regardless of your medical specialty, networking is important to the development of your medical career. But networking is especially helpful if you are interested in physician executive positions.

Many healthcare executives don't have medical degrees, and you may face more competition for jobs than you did when seeking a job in your medical specialty. But keep these networking tips in mind to enhance your chances of landing the best physician jobs:

  • Go online. Online networking sites such as LinkedIn and even Facebook are becoming acceptable ways to contact people about career opportunities.
  • Join the club. Join an organization of healthcare executives and express your interest in finding physician executive positions. It's also a good way to stay current on the issues facing hospital executives today, which will come in handy in an interview.
  • Streamline your search. A specialized physician staffing agency can save you time and hassle by identifying physician executive positions that meet your criteria for location, hours and salary.


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