Before You Say Yes

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What should I ask before taking a physician job?

Before You Say Yes

When you are working with locum tenens agencies, you will increase your chances of finding locum tenens physician jobs that meet your needs.

But it's important not to rush into a new job without thinking. As you consider a job opportunity, either full-time or part-time, consider these questions to ensure that this is the right job for you at this point in your career:

  • Is there a future? If you are considering a full-time position, ask about opportunities for advancement. That's even worth asking in a locum tenens position, because sometimes locum tenens jobs can turn into full-time work.
  • Who are my colleagues? Where have other physicians in the hospital trained, and how long they have been at the facility?
  • What are the expectations? Are you expected to be on call or work on weekends? Does the practice have more than one location, and will you be expected to put in time in several facilities?
  • What is the patient population? Will you be treating the patients and conditions that you want to treat at this point in your medical career?


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