Advantages Of Anesthesiology Locum Tenens

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How can a locum tenens help my anesthesiology career?

Advantages Of Anesthesiology Locum Tenens

In general, anesthesiologist work is more predictable than work in many other medical specialties, because procedures are planned in advance. But an anesthesiology locum tenens job takes flexibility further—you can choose the location and hours you want to work.

A locum tenens agency can make your search for short-term work easier by identifying locum tenens opportunities that meet your criteria.

To find the best locum tenens job, think about what matters most to you at this point in your career.

  • Time: Do you want to trade fewer hours for more family time, or are you seeking extra hours to pay off student loans?
  • Place: Is there an area of the country that you're curious about, but you don't want to make a commitment to moving permanently? Are you moving because your spouse has a new job?
  • Money: Although anesthesiology is a highly paid specialty, salaries vary in different areas. So, if you have salary requirements, make sure your physician staffing consultant knows about them so he or she can find the right locum tenens jobs for you.


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