Locum Tenens Creates Time To Decide

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Can mid-career physicians benefit from locum tenens work?

Locum Tenens Creates Time To Decide

Studies have shown that physicians may be dissatisfied with their jobs early in their careers. This is in part because they were so eager to get started that they took the first position available, without full knowledge of the type of practice or of the expectations of colleagues.

A locum tenens position allows you the freedom to explore different practice settings and geographic locations before making a full-time commitment. You can save money, too. For example, you can wait until you find the practice setting and location that line up with your long-term career goals before buying a home.

But locum tenens work isn't just for novices. Mid-career physicians looking for a change often choose locum tenens work as a way to earn money and to investigate options while looking for the right position.

No matter where you are in your medical career, a locum tenens agency can help you make all the right moves by identifying the locum tenens jobs that meet your personal and professional criteria.



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