When To Find A New Permanent Physician Job

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What are some signs that I need a new physician job?

When To Find A New Permanent Physician Job

Physician employment generally carries a high level of job satisfaction, but it also involves a high level of stress. Everyone has a rough day on the job now and then, but it's important to pay attention to symptoms that suggest you may be ready to look at physician job postings:

  • Illness: If you are often sick, unable to sleep, anxious or showing other signs of chronic stress, consider part-time work or a lower-stress setting as a transition before choosing a new permanent physician job.
  • Boredom: If your level of experience exceeds what you do on the job, it's time to look for a new way to put your skills to use and advance your career.
  • Life changes: If you were single when you started your job and now you are married with children, you may find that the hours, salary or other aspects of your current job are not right for you now.

Physician placement services can help you find a permanent physician job or a locum tenens position that lets you continue to work while making up your mind about your next move.



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