Use a Locum Tenens to Transition Back to Work

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How can a locum tenens help me transition back to work?

Use a Locum Tenens to Transition Back to Work

Locum tenens jobs are often just the thing for physicians who are transitioning back to work after time away. Whether you want to return to the same type of medical practice or to explore different physician employment opportunities, a locum tenens position lets you test out an area of medicine or a type of practice setting before making a long-term commitment.

For example, a general surgeon might come back from time off after breast cancer surgery with the inspiration to treat other breast cancer patients. Or an internal medicine physician who used to work in private practice may decide to refocus his or her career to hospitalist medicine after a period of time away from work.

Physician recruitment companies can help you find temporary physician jobs to ease your transition back to work. Talk to physician staffing consultants who understand your specialty, and tell them the types of jobs you want. They can save you time by providing jobs that suit your preferences.



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