By The Numbers: Use The Clock To Get Back Into Work Mode

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How can I get myself back on a work schedule?

By The Numbers: Use The Clock To Get Back Into Work Mode

When you are planning to return to physician work after time away for any reason, it helps to ease back into the habit of being on someone else's schedule. If you are searching for a new job after time away but you haven't yet found one, use this time to practice getting back on a workday schedule.

Try this tip to help you get back into work mode:

Set the alarm. Even if you don't have anywhere to go, plan a time to get up and plan a schedule for the day. Obviously, if your time away is because of small children at home, it will be harder to follow a schedule. But setting the alarm is still a useful exercise. If you will be taking children to daycare, start noticing how much time it takes for you to get kids up and ready to go. This will help you get a sense of how much time you'll need to allow in the morning when you return to work.



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