Back To Work? Plug In To Your Network

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How can I re-enter my medical specialty after time off?

Back To Work? Plug In To Your Network

Everyone knows that networking is an important part of career development and it's just as important when you are preparing to return to physician work after time off. While you are not working or when you're working-part time, maintain contact with your professional colleagues and mentors. You will be in a better position to start your physician jobs search.

The benefits of maintaining your network while you're not working include:

  • Job leads: Through networking, you can learn about physician employment opportunities that you might have missed.
  • Structural changes: If you hope to return to the same hospital or practice after time off, your network of colleagues can keep you posted about changes in workflow, personnel or in the business model of the organization.
  • News in your specialty: Check in with colleagues in your field periodically when you aren't working, but be sure to do so as you launch your physician jobs search. Your knowledge of the current issues and controversies in your field will come in handy during a job interview and you will be better prepared to return to work.



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