Review Your Skill Set Before You Return To Work

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How can I stay qualified to return to physician work after time off?

Review Your Skill Set Before You Return To Work

When you embark on a physician jobs search after time away, start by reviewing your skills set. Depending on how long you have been gone, you may want to refresh your knowledge of what's going on in your specialty, if you haven't been able to keep up during your time away.

Try these ideas to reconnect with your specialty, and you'll be better prepared to tackle the physician listings:

  • Go to a meeting: You may need Continuing Medical Education credits anyway, and attending a medical meeting of your specialty organization in person is a great way to make new contacts, renew old acquaintances and get a feel for the hot topics and latest research in your area.
  • Check your tech: Find out about the latest technology being used in your specialty. Are more of your colleagues performing laparoscopic procedures? Are they using imaging technology in a new way? Look into workshops and other educational opportunities at your local hospital or university, even if you aren't yet employed.


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