Managing Your Career After Maternity Leave

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What are some tips for going back to work after maternity leave?

Managing Your Career After Maternity Leave

Getting back to work after maternity leave requires juggling many commitments, especially if you are returning to a physician position. Keep some of these tips in mind to make your transition smoother:

  • Organize: Make a daily to-do list. And make sure to note what's truly essential and what's not.
  • Have a backup: If you use a day care center or nanny, be sure you have a backup plan or two in case of illness or bad weather.
  • Phone home: Or phone the daycare center. It's OK to call once a day (or more, if you have a nanny at home) to see how your baby is doing.
  • Ask for advice: Talk to other working moms, and speak up if you feel sad, overwhelmed or guilty. All these feelings are normal.
  • Take care of yourself: Enjoy special time with your baby when you are home from work, and cut out any unnecessary commitments in the evenings or on the weekends so you can bond with your baby. Let friends and family members help with running errands or preparing meals.



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