Signs That You Have The Wrong Recruiter

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How do I know that I have the wrong recruiter?

Signs That You Have The Wrong Recruiter

Given the vast numbers of physician recruiting services available, it's important to be sure that you have a physician recruiter who is looking out for your personal and professional interests. If your recruiter isn't working for you, it's time to switch to a different physician placement service. You know you have the wrong recruiter when:

  • He just wants your resume without wanting to know anything about you or your personal and professional goals.
  • She doesn't follow up after interviews to be sure that she is sending the right kinds of candidates to particular employers.

Be sure to ask a physician recruiter when you might expect to hear from them once you have sent a resume and discussed your job criteria. And be sure that any physician recruitment services that you use won't send your resume to a potential employer without your approval. The point of working with physician recruiting services is to make your job search easier, not harder, and the right service can make all the difference in advancing your medical career.



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