How To Wreck Your Recruiter Relationship

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What are some potential pitfalls in a recruiter relationship?

How To Wreck Your Recruiter Relationship

So, you have found a physician recruiter who asks you about your personal and professional goals, understands your specialty, and locates job opportunities that meet your criteria. But you may not land the first job for which you apply. Your relationship with your physician recruiter may be ongoing for weeks or months until you find the right position. Think long-term, and avoid these points that will only annoy your recruiter and may jeopardize your relationship with a physician placement service:

  • Don't pester. Following up after a job interview is good, but obsessive following up with multiple phone calls a day is not. If you don't hear from your physician recruiter about a position, follow up after an appropriate time has passed, and don't take it personally if you didn't fit that job opening.
  • Don't go behind your recruiter's back. Your recruiter's job is to be your advocate and to present you to a potential employer. If your recruiter has done this, you will only confuse the employer by presenting yourself, and the easiest way to end the confusion may be to remove you from the list of viable candidates for the job.


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