Use Conferences To Identify Your Ideal Job

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How can attending a conference help me identify my ideal job?

Use Conferences To Identify Your Ideal Job

If you are at a transition point in your medical career, attending a conference in your specialty or in a subspecialty you'd like to pursue may give you some new ideas. Physicians looking for jobs often find that attending a conference is an opportunity to network, to update their skills and to find out the hot topics and issues in subspecialties they might want to explore.

Some tips for using a conference to help identify your ideal job:

  • Don't be defensive if you are between jobs. It's OK to talk about your accomplishments in your previous job.
  • Have a short summary prepared of who you are, what you do and what work you hope to pursue as the next step in your career.

After attending a conference, consider working with physician staffing agencies to help you sort through the physician positions in your area of interest. Talk to a physician staffing consultant about your goals, whether you want to advance in your current specialty or change directions, and he or she can help you find that ideal job.



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