How to Compare Physician Salaries

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How can I compare physician salaries?

How to Compare Physician Salaries

Whether you are actively seeking a new job, or just thinking about it, comparing the average salaries for physicians can be helpful, so you know what to expect when you are looking at job listings or when you are interviewing for jobs.

There are many online tools for physician salary comparison. For example, a general physician salary, such as that of a family physician, may range from approximately $150,000 to $200,000, according to the 2008 Physician Compensation Survey. Once you have an idea of the average salary of a physician in your specialty, consider working with a specialized physician staffing agency to help you locate the job that meets your salary requirements. Keep in mind that physician salaries vary by location and by practice type, so if you want to live in a small town, you may not need as high a salary as you would in a major metropolitan area.



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