How to Negotiate Physician Salaries

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How do I negotiate a physician salary?

How to Negotiate Physician Salaries

If you have specific preferences for your physician annual salary, you may have some room for negotiation once you get to the job interview.

Keep these points in mind and you may be able to get what you want as part of your physician employment contract.

  • Don't mention money. Don't bring up the topic of salary until the employer does.
  • Keep an open mind. If asked what your salary requirements are, start by saying that it depends on the overall compensation.
  • Buy some time. Say that you'd like to know more about the responsibilities of the job before discussing salary.
  • Give a range. If you have done your homework and know the physician salary range for your specialty, you can propose a range, which opens the door for negotiation.
Take some time. Sometimes if you say “I need to think it over,” in response to a job offer, the employer will come back with a better offer.



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