How to Ask for a Raise in Your Physician Salary

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How do I ask for a raise in my physician salary?

How to Ask for a Raise in Your Physician Salary

So, you are happy with your job, but you think your physician annual salary deserves a boost. Before you talk to your supervisor about it raise, keep these points in mind to increase your odds of success:

  • Know the numbers. Do some research and find out the average salary of physicians in your specialty. You can find information about physician salaries by specialty through various online calculators.
  • Know the policy. Some employers can only offer raises at certain times of year.
  • Know what you want. Have an idea of your salary range and provide justification for why you deserve a raise.
  • Be flexible. Would you be willing to take extra vacation time instead of a salary increase? Some employers may be limited by budget constraints, but they may be able to approve additional time off.
If your employer simply can't offer a raise, then you need to reassess whether the other benefits of the job are worth your current salary. If not, consider working with a specialized physician staffing agency to find a job that meets your salary requirements.



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