Make Your Physician Job a Good Financial Fit

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How do I make sure my physician job is a good financial fit?

Make Your Physician Job a Good Financial Fit

When you have your job interview, physician starting salaries aren't the first topic you should bring up. In fact, don't bring up salary at all. Let your potential employer raise the subject.

But being prepared with information about the physician average salary in your specialty will put you in a stronger position for salary negotiation, if it comes to that. A specialized physician staffing agency can help you identify physician jobs in your specialty that meet your salary requirements, so you don't waste your time looking at physician jobs listings that won't be a good fit for you.

When it is time to talk about salary, keep these points in mind to assess the financial health of the medical group:

  • What is the overhead of the practice? How does that affect salaries?
  • How are salaries calculated? For example, are they based on charges, collections, relative value units?
  • Are there opportunities for bonuses?
  • Are there salary differences between partners and associates in the practice?
  • What other sources of revenue does the practice or facility have?



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