Locum Tenens Tip: Clarify Details Before You Go

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What information should I clarify before a locum tenens job?

Locum Tenens Tip: Clarify Details Before You Go

To make the most of a locum tenens job, be sure that you are clear on the details of the assignment before you go, so you don't have any unpleasant surprises. Some points to review with your locum tenens staffing agency include:

  • Type of practice: Make sure you know what your responsibilities will be, and how many hours you will be expected to work.
  • Travel and housing: If your locum tenens job is not in the area where you live, be sure to talk to your staffing consultant about how travel to the locum will be covered and whether you will need a rental car to get to and from work. Consider asking for a small apartment if possible, so you can prepare your own meals during your locum.
  • Payment: Try to arrange to be paid directly, on a regular basis, such as weekly or biweekly, rather than at the end of your locum. If for some reason you have to discontinue the locum early, you won't have the hassle of waiting for a backlog of pay.



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