Use Locum Tenens to Evaluate Your Career Options

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How can a locum tenens help evaluate my medical career options?

Use Locum Tenens to Evaluate Your Career Options

If you are just starting out in your medical career, locum tenens work can be a helpful way to evaluate your options before settling down in a specific location or practice setting. Regardless of your specialty, a locum tenens job can show you what you don't like in a practice setting or location. You may think you want to work in a large hospital, but after a month you find you may crave the more intimate setting of a small group practice.

Other advantages of physician locum tenens work include:

  • Exploring the setting. Yes, you'll be working, but you can use your down time to check out the area and decide whether the location of your locum is somewhere you'd like to live for the long-term.
  • Assessing your colleagues. If you find a mentor during your locum tenens job, that may be a reason to seek a permanent position in that practice with an eye toward advancing your medical career.



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