Locum Tenens Work Enhances Primary Care Income

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How can I add to my primary care physician income?

Locum Tenens Work Enhances Primary Care Income

Primary care medicine offers a high level of job satisfaction, but primary care jobs are not the highest paid medical specialties. For example, the average income for an internal medicine physician job is approximately $200,000, according to the 2008 Physician Compensation Survey.

If you want to add to your primary care income, a locum tenens position is an ideal way to do it. You can find locum tenens work in your specialty in a setting similar to your primary practice, or you can use the opportunity of a locum tenens to practice in a different environment. A locum tenens position in any area of physician specialization allows you to choose your hours and location, and it doesn't have to involve long-term commitment or long-distance travel. Locum tenens work can help you meet your financial goals – including paying off medical school loans, saving for retirement, starting your children's college funds, or buying a larger house – while allowing you to enjoy the job satisfaction of your primary care career.



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