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How can a recruiter help me find a locum tenens job?

Let A Recruiter Make Your Locum Tenens Match

In many ways, looking for a job is like dating: it takes some trial and error before you find the right match. And sometimes a matchmaker can help. When you are looking for locum tenens jobs, choosing to work with a physician executive recruiter may be the best decision you make.

A physician executive recruiter can identify pre-screened locum tenens opportunities that meet your criteria, and he or she can be your advocate in job negotiations. A physician staffing consultant who knows your specialty and your personal interests and career goals can save you time by identifying the jobs that meet your needs for clinical practice or non-clinical physician work.

A top physician executive recruiter will take all the important factors into account when matching you with the right healthcare organization:

  • Your career goals
  • Your spouse/partner's professional and personal needs
  • Your children's educational needs
  • Your family's outside interests
  • Your income needs
  • Your geographic preferences
Can mid-career physicians benefit from locum tenens work?

Locum Tenens Creates Time To Decide

Studies have shown that physicians may be dissatisfied with their jobs early in their careers. This is in part because they were so eager to get started that they took the first position available, without full knowledge of the type of practice or of the expectations of colleagues.

A locum tenens position allows you the freedom to explore different practice settings and geographic locations before making a full-time commitment. You can save money, too. For example, you can wait until you find the practice setting and location that line up with your long-term career goals before buying a home.

But locum tenens work isn't just for novices. Mid-career physicians looking for a change often choose locum tenens work as a way to earn money and to investigate options while looking for the right position.

No matter where you are in your medical career, a locum tenens agency can help you make all the right moves by identifying the locum tenens jobs that meet your personal and professional criteria.

How can a locum tenens help my anesthesiology career?

Advantages Of Anesthesiology Locum Tenens

In general, anesthesiologist work is more predictable than work in many other medical specialties, because procedures are planned in advance. But an anesthesiology locum tenens job takes flexibility further—you can choose the location and hours you want to work.

A locum tenens agency can make your search for short-term work easier by identifying locum tenens opportunities that meet your criteria.

To find the best locum tenens job, think about what matters most to you at this point in your career.

  • Time: Do you want to trade fewer hours for more family time, or are you seeking extra hours to pay off student loans?
  • Place: Is there an area of the country that you're curious about, but you don't want to make a commitment to moving permanently? Are you moving because your spouse has a new job?
  • Money: Although anesthesiology is a highly paid specialty, salaries vary in different areas. So, if you have salary requirements, make sure your physician staffing consultant knows about them so he or she can find the right locum tenens jobs for you.
What should I ask before taking a physician job?

Before You Say Yes

When you are working with locum tenens agencies, you will increase your chances of finding locum tenens physician jobs that meet your needs.

But it's important not to rush into a new job without thinking. As you consider a job opportunity, either full-time or part-time, consider these questions to ensure that this is the right job for you at this point in your career:

  • Is there a future? If you are considering a full-time position, ask about opportunities for advancement. That's even worth asking in a locum tenens position, because sometimes locum tenens jobs can turn into full-time work.
  • Who are my colleagues? Where have other physicians in the hospital trained, and how long they have been at the facility?
  • What are the expectations? Are you expected to be on call or work on weekends? Does the practice have more than one location, and will you be expected to put in time in several facilities?
  • What is the patient population? Will you be treating the patients and conditions that you want to treat at this point in your medical career?
What are some tips for acing a phone interview?

Your Best Call: Acing Your Physician Phone Interview

Part of a physician job search, even for locum tenens jobs, may involve long-distance interviewing by phone. Whether you are talking to physician executive recruiters or interviewing for a clinical position, you'll ace the interview if you give it the same attention you would to an in-person meeting.

Don't fear the phone—just keep these points in mind, and you'll be on your way to your next job:

  • Do your homework: Find out about the facility and have two or three intelligent questions prepared.
  • Show your manners: Unless you are told otherwise, address your interviewer by title and last name (Dr. Smith, for example).
  • Keep it straight: Don't lie in bed or slouch in a chair. Stand, or sit at a table.
  • Project confidence: Speak clearly, and smile—it makes your voice sound more pleasant.
  • Follow up: After the interview, send a follow-up letter or e-mail thanking your interviewer.

To help you find those interview opportunities that meet your career goals, talk to a physician staffing consultant who can identify full-time and locum tenens jobs in your specialty.

Can a staffing agency help me find a hospital job?

Recruiters Help Find Hospital Jobs

Many physicians choose to work only in hospitals instead of being based in an office. If you thrive on a busy hospital environment where no two days are alike, you may want to pursue a career as a hospitalist. If you want to explore a hospital job, consider a locum tenens physician job, which allows you to experience the hospital environment before committing to a full-time hospitalist job.

But there are several factors to keep in mind when seeking locum tenens physician jobs in hospitals:

  • Type of care: Do you want to work with trauma patients? Choose a larger hospital. Are you interested in general surgeries? A smaller hospital may provide more opportunities for hands-on experience.
  • Type of staff: Would you prefer to work as part of a small team, or would you rather see a greater variety of patients and medical conditions in a less personal environment?

Talk to a specialized physician staffing agency that knows the hospitals in your area and how they recruit physicians for locum tenens jobs.

What are some advantages of locum tenens opportunities?

Locum Tenens Offers Financial Advantages

In many medical specialties, but especially those with high malpractice insurance, locum tenens jobs can work to your financial advantage. For example, an anesthesiologist may make close to $400,000 a year, but he may pay more than $25,000 in medical liability insurance, depending on the type and location of his practice, according to data from the American Medical Association.

But an anesthesiology locum tenens may be a way to help anesthesiologists get a foothold on finances, especially young doctors who are facing medical school loans. Talk to a specialized physician staffing agency about anesthesiology locum tenens options. There are several ways you can benefit from being a locum tenens physician. The organization where you'll do your locum pays for the medical liability insurance. Another bonus—especially if you are just starting in your career—is that a locum tenens job is a convenient way to check out a practice setting or a geographic area before making a long-term commitment.

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