Stay Active In Your Medical CareeróBe A Team Physician

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What are some ways to enhance my family physician job?

Stay Active In Your Medical CareeróBe A Team Physician

Are you considering switching from your family practice job to specializing in sports medicine? Do you enjoy sports and find satisfaction in contributing to kids' health? Consider volunteering as a team doctor for one (or more) of your local high school sports teams. You can stay active in your profession and you'll have the satisfaction of helping kids manage injuries and get back to their active lifestyles as soon as possible.

Many of the same issues seen in typical family medicine work arise during youth sports, including not only fractures, sprains or cuts needing stitches, but also allergies, asthma and issues related to chronic conditions such as diabetes.

Even if you aren't looking to transition from a family physician job to sports medicine, keep up with the latest sports medicine literature to stay on top of new data about common sports injuries, such as anterior cruciate ligament tears and how to manage them.



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