Let A Recruiter Make Your Locum Tenens Match

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How can a recruiter help me find a locum tenens job?

Let A Recruiter Make Your Locum Tenens Match

In many ways, looking for a job is like dating: it takes some trial and error before you find the right match. And sometimes a matchmaker can help. When you are looking for locum tenens jobs, choosing to work with a physician executive recruiter may be the best decision you make.

A physician executive recruiter can identify pre-screened locum tenens opportunities that meet your criteria, and he or she can be your advocate in job negotiations. A physician staffing consultant who knows your specialty and your personal interests and career goals can save you time by identifying the jobs that meet your needs for clinical practice or non-clinical physician work.

A top physician executive recruiter will take all the important factors into account when matching you with the right healthcare organization:

  • Your career goals
  • Your spouse/partner's professional and personal needs
  • Your children's educational needs
  • Your family's outside interests
  • Your income needs
  • Your geographic preferences


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