Make Sure Your Benefits Fit

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What should I consider before taking a physician job?

Make Sure Your Benefits Fit

When you are considering your next permanent physician job, be sure to think beyond the salary and location. Think about whether the benefits of the job meet your criteria. Before you start looking for permanent physician jobs, make a list of the benefits that are important to you such as:

  • Healthcare: Physicians need healthcare too. If you are single, make sure your health benefits include complete healthcare such as vision and dental benefits. If you have a family, you'll want health benefits to cover their medical needs.
  • Retirement: It's never too soon to think about saving for retirement. Find out whether a physician job has what you want in a 401K or other retirement plan.
  • Vacation: You know what they say about all work and no play. Make sure your choices of physician job openings meet your criteria for time off such as maternity leave or expectations for on-call hours.



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