Use A Locum As A Stepping Stone

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Can a locum tenens job help me find a permanent physician job?

Use A Locum As A Stepping Stone

Even if you are ultimately seeking a permanent physician job, a locum tenens position is often a convenient job for a physician. You can continue to earn money and build your clinical skills while you look for the right full-time position. And you can use a locum tenens job to test out a type of practice or hospital size before committing to a full-time job in that type of environment.

Physician recruiting companies that work with employers to staff both permanent and locum tenens positions can help you identify physician job postings that meet both your short-term and long-term needs.

Short-term: Do you need a locum tenens job where you live now, so your kids can finish the semester at the same school, before you move on to your next permanent job in a new location? A specialized physician staffing agency can help.

Long-term: Are you ready to make a change in your permanent job? Physician staffing consultants can narrow down full-time options that meet your needs for salary, location and hours.



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