Get Packing: Do Good Work In Overseas Medicine

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How can I find out about overseas medical work?

Get Packing: Do Good Work In Overseas Medicine

Practicing medicine overseas is one of many choices of jobs for retired physicians who are seeking some adventure as well as career satisfaction. There are many organizations that provide medical care around the world, and they can always use experienced physicians. You don't need to make a long-term commitment to living and working overseas—many organizations arrange for physician part-time jobs that last for periods of weeks or months.

Think about areas of the world that appeal to you, and how your skills could be useful in helping medically underserved people in those areas.

In addition to creative Googling, some leads for overseas medical work include:

  • Religious groups: If you would like to practice medicine overseas as part of a religious charity organization, start by asking your local church for leads.
  • Nondenominational nonprofit groups: If you don't feel comfortable with a religious organization, there are many nonprofit organizations that provide medical care around the world.
  • University-based groups: Check with your medical school alma mater, or any large university. Many universities sponsor short-term medical trips overseas that include experienced physicians as well as students.



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