Physician Openings Abound: How To Choose

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Can a physician recruiter help me choose a job?

Physician Openings Abound: How To Choose

When you are looking for the right physician job opening, it's hard to know how different opportunities compare. When you are at a turning point in your medical career, it's helpful to consider what type of practice setting suits your personality and your career goals. Some of the pros and cons of small vs. large practices include:

  • Small group practices may focus on a single specialty. You may have more say in how the practice is run, but you may have more responsibility, which might include giving up the occasional vacation day for the good of the group.
  • A large practice may include physicians in multiple specialties and it may work for you if you enjoy working with a variety of people without feeling the need to be in charge.

Choosing a physician placement service that understands your specialty can help you identify the best jobs for you—not just the first jobs that are available—at practices of any size.



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