When To Work With A Physician Recruiter

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Why should I work with a physician recruiter?

When To Work With A Physician Recruiter

Some physicians opt to call physicians' recruiters as soon as they begin a job search. Others like to start by networking and seeing how far they can get on their own. But there are several benefits to working with physician recruiting services.

  • Expanding your range: If you have been searching for a job on your own without success, a physician placement service can invigorate your search. Recruiters can be especially helpful if you are seeking a higher level or executive position, because the employers looking to fill these jobs often prefer working through recruiting services rather than advertising the position.
  • Impressing potential employers: Even if you aren't seeking an executive job, many employers look more favorably on candidates who are represented by physician recruiting agencies.
  • Saving you time: The job of physician recruiting services is to find you a job. That may be the best reason to work with a physician recruiter. He or she can search job listings and identify the opportunities that meet your criteria, while you continue to focus on your current job or on other aspects of your job search.


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