How To Maximize Your Recruiter Relationship

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How can I maximize my recruiter relationship?

How To Maximize Your Recruiter Relationship

Your goal in working with physician recruiting agencies is to get a job. You'll know that you have chosen the right physician recruiting service when your recruiter treats you professionally and asks about your goals and job criteria before asking for your resume. You can make the most of your relationship with your recruiter by taking these guidelines to heart as you proceed with your job search:

  • Be professional. Treat your physician recruiter as if he or she were the one hiring you. Proofread anything you send, and be respectful and courteous.
  • Be honest. Misrepresenting your experience or qualifications won't help you get a job, and it's not fair to the recruiter who is trying to market you to employers.
  • Follow up. Ask your recruiter for feedback if you are interested in a particular position and haven't had an interview. But also tell recruiters where you have already applied, so employers aren't confused by receiving the same resume twice.


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