Find the Right Oncology Opportunity

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How much does an oncologist make?

Find the Right Oncology Opportunity

When you consider the average salary of a physician, keep in mind that there is a lot of variation among different medical specialties. An oncologist's salary averages nearly half a million dollars a year in some areas, while a general physician salary may average $100,000 to $200,000 especially at the start of a medical career.

If you think an oncology job may be right for you, consider the categories of work:

  • Radiation oncology: Radiation oncologist jobs involve using radiation to treat disease, especially malignant tumors.
  • Medical oncology: Medical oncology jobs involve using chemotherapy to treat cancer patients.
  • Surgical oncology: Surgical oncology jobs involve removing cancerous tissue surgically.
A physician job opportunity in oncology could involve any of these three strategies for treating different types of cancer, but the nature of the treatment varies. If you are intrigued by oncology, be prepared to put in some time before you earn money; a radiation oncology residency takes 5 years to complete, for example.



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