How Much Do Medical Residents Make?

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How much do medical residents make?

How Much Do Medical Residents Make?

According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, the resident physician salary for each year of residency is as follows:

  • First year: $46,000
  • Second year: $48,000
  • Third year: $50,000
  • Fourth year: $52,000
  • Fifth year: $54,000
  • Sixth year: $56,000
Keep in mind that these resident salaries are averages, and the actual salary you might expect could vary by $3,000 to $4,000 above or below the average, depending on many factors including location, type of specialty, and type of practice.

If physician salaries are important to your plans for your medical career, consider pursuing one of the higher paid medical specialties, such as urology or radiology, as opposed to choosing a career in a primary care field such as pediatrics or general medicine.

A specialized physician staffing agency can help you locate the opportunities available that meet your salary criteria, as well as your preference for location and practice type. Talk to a physician staffing consultant who knows the local employers to help you find the right fit.



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