Locum Tenens Isn't Limited to the U.S.

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Can I do locum tenens work overseas?

Locum Tenens Isn't Limited to the U.S.

Many physicians may not realize that a locum tenens isn't limited to practicing medicine in the United States. If you love to travel or you feel strongly about dedicating part of your medical career to caring for underserved populations, locum tenens work may be right for you.

For example, if you have just finished your internal medicine residency, and you have always wanted to travel to New Zealand, a locum tenens staffing agency can arrange for you to spend several months working in a hospital there. You'll have a chance to learn new skills and gain perspective on U.S. medicine by working in a different medical setting. Alternatively, many charitable organizations or service groups based at American medical schools offer opportunities for overseas medical practice. If you are preparing to practice overseas for several months during the year, but you have a few months in the U.S., you can fill in that gap with a U.S.-based locum tenens job.



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