Recruiters Can Help You Reorient Your Medical Career

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How can a physician recruiter help me reorient my medical career?

Recruiters Can Help You Reorient Your Medical Career

Sometimes you reach a point in your medical career when you want a change. You may be happy with the type of practice you are in, but maybe you aren't getting along with your colleagues. Or you may have wonderful colleagues, but you feel that you aren't using enough of the skills that you trained so hard to acquire.

Even physicians who aren't currently looking for a new position may feel refreshed after a short-term locum tenens position in a different setting, and the experience can help you prepare for a future job change, or serve as a way to expand your skills in case of a layoff.

Other benefits of short-term work include:

  • Making new contacts. It's important to stay in contact with mentors and colleagues from previous jobs. You may find out about opportunities that aren't being advertised, or you may be able to use these contacts as references.
  • Getting more experience. A locum tenens job helps you expand your skill set, and a physician recruitment agency can help you identify the right opportunities for you to refocus your medical career.



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